The most efficient drone for industrial applications
With up to 5 hours flight time on our Hybrid models (x4, x6 and x8)
with LiDar, cameras, distance sensors and other payloads

xFold™ Dragon x6

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Professional level Industrial grade sUAV
Fly your DSLR camera for 40 minutes!

xFold™ Travel

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Designed for Professional Cinematogtaphy
Fly Red, Alexa Mini and similar payloads

xFold™ Cinema

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Professional level Industrial grade sUAV
Long Flight and Heavy payload lifter

xFold™ Dragon

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xFold™ are industrial pro-level UAV drone, and proudly made in the USA by ZM Interactive Inc.,

FAA / the US Commercial & Government Entity approved.

  • U.S. Department Of Defense                     xFold FAA Logo
  • The xFold™ drones are FAA approved UAV aircraft.

    The xFold™ platforms have been stress tested successfully with United States Special Operations teams and our clients include several Government System Integrators, Aerospace, Value added resellers, Distribution Partners, and multiple Aerial Cinematography professionals.

Heavy-Lift Capabilities

The xFold™ DragonH x12 is the largest model and can be configured to lift over 200 kilo (440 pounds) for over 20 minutes flight time

Long Flight Time

The xFold™ Dragon Hybrid drone can fly between 3-6 hours, and over 70 minutes on batteries with different payloads

Tough Weather Resistant

The xFold™ drones are rain and dust proof and and can fly in tougher weather conditions then most drones

R&D and Customization

The xFold™ drones are fully customized, hardware and software specifically for different applications

The design

  • Folds down under 30% of its size including the propellers for easy transport
  • Easy to travel with and ready to fly in seconds on location
  • Same frame can be configured to x4 Quad, x6 Hexa, x8 Octo and x12 Dodeca
  • 4 different sizes for different payloads and applications
  • Larger frame, short and strong booms for better weight distribution and more stability
  • FoldedxFold frame folded lineart

  • x4 Quad or x8 OctoxFold frame x8 lineart

  • x6 Hexa or x12 Dodeka
    xFold frame x12 lineart


The Dragon

Pro-level cinematography (Single or dual Red / Alexa) or other applications that required heavy payloads (LiDar, search and rescue, delivery) with long flight duration


Recommended propeller size: 26″-36″
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The Cinema

Designed a specially for Professional cinematography to fly fully rigged Red Dragon / Alexa mini or any large DSLR size cameras officiant and safe

Recommended propeller size: 16″-22″
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The Travel

Perfect for DSLR size cameras or sensors, long flight times, small, light and strong, easy to travel or hike with to hard to get locations


Recommended propeller size: 12″-17″
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The Spy

Perfect for small payloads, goPro, FLIR and zoom size cameras and sensors, Small, light and strong, folds easy into your backpack


Recommended propeller size: 9″-15″
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