We believe in creating the future of agile, efficient and safe aerial robotic sUAV platforms and turn-key solutions for mission critical commercial & government operations that facilitate growth to organizations and professionals.


xFold™ is an industrial, pro-level sUAV drone that comes in four different sizes, configured as Quad, Hexa, x8, or x12.

The xFold rigs are the strongest and most advanced multi-rotors sUAV drone platforms for top level aerial cinematography or other drone applications for pro-industrial work.

Intellectual Property

We are working on developing a patents portfolio to protect three of our core technologies:

  • Payload balancing
  • Dynamic power management
  • Payload protection

The design

The design of the xFold™ rig is a result of a combination of over 15 years of ‘in the field’ experience, technology, and innovation, making it the perfect combination between balance, weight, power, and efficiency.

The main idea behind the frame is to have the option to use the same frame for different applications, payload, and weather.

The xFold™ frame can change between a Quad, Hexa, X8 (octo) and X12 (Dodeca) in minutes, due to the folding and moving foldable arms with quick releases, that place the motors and propellers in the perfect spot for perfect balance and efficiency.

The xFold rig was designed by our founder Ziv Marom (www.ZMinteractive.com), an experienced sUAV pilot, cinematographer, and sUAVs designer with vast experience in aerial cinematography for featured films (Expendables 3, HomeFront, Sparks), documentaries, TV, and other applications.