“Power of Collaboration” Global Summit

NEW YORK, NY – February 29, 2016 – Ziv Marom, co-founder of ZM Interactive, Inc. spoke at the United Nations during the 3rd annual “Power of Collaboration” Global Summit.

The “Power of Collaboration” Global Summit brings together innovators, leaders, and industry “movers and shakers” to jointly pursue initiatives that better our world. This year, the Global Summit featured inspiring speakers and visionaries of diverse backgrounds who aim to advance today’s world through their technological initiatives.

Mr. Marom shared that one of the technologies that he sees revolutionizing our world ten years down the line consists of the UAVs. “Robots and cool gadgets are already a part of our lives,” said Mr. Marom. Additionally, he elaborated that with time, robots will grow smarter and more friendly, could save lives, reduce high risk jobs, and better our world.

Robots and drones may become helpful in transcending gender barriers, making women and men equally valued for their skills, and reducing existing pay gaps and general inequalities between the genders.

Mr. Marom invited the audience not to think of technology as replacing the human aspect. Rather, Mr. Marom envisions technology as as tool that is green, safe, and inexpensive in a way to make our life easier.

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