xFold Dragon Hybrid

xFold™ Dragon x6 Hybrid setup with LiDAR, for BVLOS flights

3-6 Hours Flight Time / 5kg-15kg payload


    Gas-Electric Power
    The Range Extender is built on hybrid architecture, combining the energy density of gasoline with the instantaneous response of electricity.
    Platform Agnostic
    No matter the platform or purpose, the Range Extender series is designed to work with all heavy-lift UAVs. If your platform uses standard LiPo batteries. The power units act as a drop-in replacement with no power electronics work required.
    Skip the ripcord or external starter – just the flick of a switch from your controller to get you in the air faster and safer.


    Thermal management to keep the engine running at peak performance in all environments. Arizona today, Alaska tomorrow. No adjustments necessary.
    Ensures the system can start in any ambient temperature, all while keeping fuel consumption within an efficient range. Firmware Updates You have the option to keep your Range Extender up to date with the latest features and optimizations from Pegasus via firmware flashing to the GCU.

Available xFold Dragon Hybrid Configurations

xHybrid 4000

Weight: 3.50kg (7.72lb)
Total Power: 4 kW continuous
Dimensions(L x W x H): 174.94mm x 261.09mm x 140.41mm
Output voltage: DC 6 – 12 S (22-49V)
Fuel: Gasoline, 87 PON

Available configurations:
xFold™ Dragon x4 Quad (4 motors / props)
xFold™ Dragon x6 Hexa (6 motors / props)
xFold™ Dragon x8 Octo (8 motors / props)

xFold Dragon Hybrid 4000w 20lb payload

xHybrid 2400

Weight: 4.2 kg without accessories / 5.6 kg total
Total Power: 2.4 kW continuous
Dimensions(L x W x H): 355 x 319 x 251 mm
Output voltage: DC 12 S (49V)
Fuel consumption: 750 g/kw·h(hovering 2.5 Liter/hour
Service Temperature: -20 ~ 40 °C / -4 ~ 104
Altitude:(above sea): 2000 m Starting: Electrical starter
Fuel: Automobile #95 or above +2T oil

Available configurations:
xFold™ Dragon x4 Quad (4 motors / props)
xFold™ Dragon x6 Hexa (6 motors / props)

xFold Dragon Hybrid 2400w 10lb payload