xFold Dragon – Industrial, Military Grade Heavy Lift Drone

The Dragon / DragonH platforms are xFold™’s Super carrier, featuring great flexibility designed for wide range of applications and carrying over 450kg (1000 lbs) payloads. The xFold™ Dragon can be configured as an x4 quad, x6 Hexa, x8 Octo or x12 Dodeka (4, 6, 8 or 12 motors & propellers setup) and is already in use in different applications such as industrial, commercial, cinematography as well as government and military all over the world.

xFold™ sUAV Drones are FAA Certified aircraft.

xFold™ Dragon x6 (Hexa) Hybrid

Our new xFold™ Hybrid can fly for 4 – 8 hours (under 55 pounds) with different payloads.

Perfect for industrial applications, BVLOS and more.

xFold™ Dragon x8 (Octocopter)

Our xFold™ Dragon x8 comes with different motor/propeller configurations for different payloads and applications.
The xFold Dragon x8 weight is 15.4 kilo (34lb), and can fly up to 50 kilo (110lb) payloads.

xFold™ DragonH x12

Our xFold™ DragonH x12 can be configured to fly with 200 kilo (440 pounds) payload.

This setup can be configured with different motors / propellers for special heavy payload applications.

Fold DragonH cargo drone
xFold™ Dragon x6 with Riegl LiDar

Our xFold™ Dragon x6 (Hexa) is the most efficient drone for industrial applications.

This setup can fly for over 30 minutes under 55 pounds with payload of LiDar, 2 cameras and object avoidance sensors.

‘H’ for Heavy

xFold™ Dragon vs xFold™ DragonH
xFold™ DragonH (Heavy) is the same frame size as the xFold™ Dragon, but designed and built to be up to 4 times stronger than the xFold™ Dragon’s default frame. The xFold™ DragonH can be configured to lift heavier payload safe, for special industrial and military applications

Key Benefits

  • Frame is designed, manufactured, built and assembled in the USA
  • The supercarrier payload capacity of up to 450kg (1000 lbs)
  • Great for Cargo, Search & Rescue and industrial applications
  • Compatible with all commercial grade flight controllers
  • Folds down under 30% of flight configuration for easy transport
  • Payload distributed over a large surface area to maximize efficiency
  • Unique engineering designed to keep central gravity 100% balanced with quick-release sliding gimbal/payload mounting system
  • 12 months xFold™ Service Plus Warranty