xFold sUAV Professional Drones

With a signature carbon fiber frame, foldable design and modular rotor configuration xFold™ is built with strong & lightweight materials making it easier to travel with. The xFold™ unique engineering designed to keep central gravity 100% balanced and spreads the payload equally over a large surface area in tough weather conditions. 



With our signature Carbon Fiber frame construction you can be confident your craft is built to last


  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Strong & Durable Materials
  • Lightweight & Easy to Travel

Take It Anywhere

Even with proppellers on, your rig folds down to 30% of flight configuration for easy transport


  • Foldable Design
  • Modular Rotor Configuration
  • No Extra Assembly Time


Peace of Mind

As part of the xFold family, your leading-edge experience starts with a no cost Service Plus maintenance plan


  • No Labor Fees
  • Includes All Parts
  • 12 Months of Coverage

Built Around the Pilot

xFold rigs are designed from the ground up by our drone pilots veterans team to be the durable, light weight, most modular multi-rotor sUAV in the sky. With unparalleled configuration possibilities delivered through xFold’s unique, patent pending frame design, xFold rigs engineered to support wide range of applications, such as Surveying, Cinematography and Search & Rescue. xFold comes with all Carbon Fiber frame construction designed to make your experience not only simpler, but stress free.

All xFold™ aircrafts are proudly designed and built in the US and are sold world wide here on the site and through our partner vendors.

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